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Accomplished Entrepreneur Awards 2021 winners

Akshat Garg, Nick Doman, and Will Pearson win the 2021 LBS Accomplished Entrepreneur Awards

Established in 2010 to showcase the success of alumni in launching innovative businesses, this year’s award for early-stage entrepreneurs has gone to ocean Bottle co-founders Will Pearson and Nick Doman, while Akshat Garg scooped the award for later-stage companies for cofounding Delhi-headquartered DCDC Kidney Care. William Pearson MiM 2018 and Nick Doman MiM2018, from Ocean […]

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Yousef Amar and José Martín Quesada

Krew cuts a $1.6m seed funding deal

Krew, a fitness startup business, has recently raised $1.6m in seed funding. Krew offers fully live and on-demand workouts which can be consumed alone or at a watch party with friends. These workouts are enriched with AI-powered leaderboards and motion tracking to correct posture in remote workout environments, none of which require any equipment besides […]

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From idea to XYZ Reality

The team behind XYZ Reality are the freshest examples of the mettle, resolve and ingenuity needed to tackle the big challenges presented by today’s demanding business environment. David Mitchell, Murray Hendriksen and Umar Ahmed, a London Business School alumnus, are the founding team of a construction technology start-up, XYZ Reality that has just closed a […]

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Remote working on a construction project, how is that even possible?

Although building sites were never officially closed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the construction industry was thrown into crisis and forced to rethink ways of working overnight. Social distancing requirements placed restrictions on the number of people that could safely be together on a building site, which gave rise to all manner of tactics […]

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Tips on winning Innovate UK grant funding

Roheet Shah MBA2015 and Adam Hearne MBA2015, founders of CarbonChain, share tips on how to successfully seek funding from Innovate UK grants. Like most start-ups, when we launched CarbonChain in 2017 one of our major challenges was how to secure funding to develop our technology and grow our business. While we initially explored the “traditional” […]

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Here comes Summer…

Apart from the prospect of sunshine and blue skies, for me, summer means welcoming our new students into the London Business School ‘family’. With so many having entrepreneurial aspirations, it’s always great to see their energy for endless ideas for new ventures as well as having an equal number being excited about the idea of […]

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