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TELL Series: A Conversation with Alexis Prenn, Co-Founder and Chairman, Receipt Bank

Are entrepreneurs born or made? Alexis Prenn, Co-Founder and Chairman of Receipt Bank shares his experience as an entrepreneur with Jeff Skinner, the Executive Director of the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship as part of the LBS TELL Series. The interview covers what it means to be a growing start-up, hurdles of entrepreneurship and Alexis’ […]

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Make your pitch – but avoid a horror show

Cringe-making, toe-curling, awkward, confusing, arrogant, shabby, disorganised, unbelievable, deluded … all words that could be used to describe the worst business pitches. And most of us have been there, at one side of the table or another. If you want to avoid pitfalls with pitches, then read on. First up, I don’t consider myself to […]

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To grow or not to grow: that is the question – isn’t it?

When teaching entrepreneurship, we focus attention on the trials and tribulations attendant on starting a business. But starting a business is only the start of the trial. For London Business School entrepreneurs who have been able to satisfactorily answer Hamlet’s more famous existential question regarding their new businesses, the more difficult questions come afterwards and […]

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