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STORIES FROM THE PANDEMONIUM – How founders can plan for success

In these unprecedented times of (using the word unprecedented) uncertainty, many of us are contemplating taking the leap of faith and becoming full-time entrepreneurs. In this edition of the Zymurgist Diaries, let’s attempt to understand the VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity) minds of startup founders, and how simple structures and good planning can help founders manage VUCA […]

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Machine Learning

Machine Learning Model: The Seven (St)ages

Investing in “AI” or, more realistically, Machine Learning is the fashionable thing to do these days (in addition to investing in SPAC’s, NFT’s, etc.). But does your fledgling start-up really need a Machine Learning solution? Vinay Muttineni MBA2021 helped build scalable machine-learning pipelines and products at eBay and Microsoft. In the second post of a three-part series, he highlights […]

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MIINT Competition 2021: From sourcing to pitching

Impact Investing is growing in popularity as a career option for LBS students. The School’s Strategy and Entrepreneurship concentration along with extracurricular activities like the Turner MIINT competition help us to learn how to succeed in these roles after graduation. In this article, the team that represented LBS talk us through their experience of taking part in […]

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