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Hackathon: How a virtual event can unleash creativity and innovation

In the first of a two-part series, we hear from London Business School’s Hackathon organiser Zoe Chrysostom about her experience of organising and running the HackLBS 2021. “I never thought I’d have so much fun and learn at the same time”, a participant said. For the last 6 years, the LBS Entrepreneurship Club has opened […]

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Launching a new early-stage venture competition at LBS

Booster is an early-stage London Business School venture competition intended to give founders the boost they need to take their ventures to the next level. Supported by the LBS Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, the competition offers students an opportunity to earn grants totaling up to more than £20,000. In the following article, LBS Entrepreneurship […]

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46% of business failures could be avoided. Here’s how.

Many new ventures, deals, investments and strategies fail because they haven’t been properly tested before launch. Applying rigorous contrarian thinking with a Devil’s Advocate or military style Red Team can save time, money and reputation by avoiding mistakes and making decisions that maximise chances of success. In the following piece, Dr. Nicholas Beecroft explains a […]

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Make your pitch – but avoid a horror show

Cringe-making, toe-curling, awkward, confusing, arrogant, shabby, disorganised, unbelievable, deluded … all words that could be used to describe the worst business pitches. And most of us have been there, at one side of the table or another. If you want to avoid pitfalls with pitches, then read on. First up, I don’t consider myself to […]

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City Hall

Four LBS entrepreneurs selected for the Mayor’s Entrepreneur Competition semi-finals

Out of the nine entries from London Business School, three students and one alumnus have made it to semi-finals of the 2020 Mayor’s Entrepreneur Competition. Dev Majumder EMBAGA2020, Kit Gammell MBA2021, Jennifer Lynch PhD and Guilherme Marins EMBA2018 will compete to win one of the four awards. The Mayor’s Entrepreneur competition offers a platform for […]

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Steve Blank on ‘getting out of the building’ during lockdown

The customer development method was created by serial entrepreneur-turned-educator Steve Blank, father of the Lean Startup Movement. While Luisa Alemany, Associate Professor of Management Practice at London Business School, was preparing for her ‘New Venture Development’ class, she decided to contact Steve Blank to get his views on identifying customers during lockdown. Steve’s well-known words […]

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