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Stories From The Shift

In these unprecedented times of (using the word unprecedented) economic uncertainty and an aging workforce threatened by remote/younger workforce options, entrepreneurship could be explored as a promising career path, particularly for older adults with 15+ years of experience in the corporate world. However, we have often seen that corporate professionals are more plagued by indecisiveness […]

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Here comes Summer…

Apart from the prospect of sunshine and blue skies, for me, summer means welcoming our new students into the London Business School ‘family’. With so many having entrepreneurial aspirations, it’s always great to see their energy for endless ideas for new ventures as well as having an equal number being excited about the idea of […]

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10 bad reasons to become an Entrepreneur

Even though my own entrepreneurship journey is on an indefinitely pause, I still love chatting to people who are thinking of becoming business founders. It is always encouraging to learn that even in the current hyper-competitive, over-monopolised business climate, there are still many people who are willing to take the risk inherent to starting a business […]

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