Fireside Chat with Akriti Dokania (Octopus Ventures) and Gary Dushnitsky (LBS)

Gary Dushnitsky, Associate Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at London Business School, talks to his former MBA student Akriti Dokania, Investor at Octopus Ventures.

Have you always dreamt about finding and funding innovative startups? Does the venture capital sector interest you? Are you a technology person who wants to play an active role in supporting entrepreneurial ventures?

Fortunately, my former student Akriti Dokania MBA2018 has agreed to share her experiences with us. Akriti who is trained as an engineer and has also worked as product manager has made the transition to venture capital after her time at London Business School. She is currently a venture investor with one of UK’s leading funds Octopus Ventures.

During our interview and following Q&A, Akriti shared keen insights into her pathways to venture capital as well as her current role and responsibilities as an investor.

Arguably one of the key takeaways is that an investor wears multiple hats. The role of a successful investors is as much about understanding people as it is about understanding the technology; it requires knowledge of financial and investment terminology as well as the ability to navigate innovative technology. Reflecting on her time at LBS, and beyond, Akriti highlighted the value of developing a diverse toolkit ranging from financial savviness to leading teams — and importantly, the opportunity to broaden and deepen her network with entrepreneurs, investors and innovators.

Akriti concluded with exciting observations regarding the future of VC. The space is rapidly embracing diversity as talent from different backgrounds and experiences joins the ranks of venture funds. Akriti expects that such diversity could foster and support more innovative companies across a wider range of sectors – a pattern that can benefit entrepreneurs and investors alike.

Tune in for the full interview to learn from Akriti’s experience!