“Entrepreneurship is not a career, it’s a burning obsession” – Greg Moran, Founder and CEO of Zoomcar

At this TELL Series event, we heard Greg Moran’s enthralling story of building Zoomcar, and his motivation and learnings in entrepreneurship. Born in United States, he dropped out of business school and relocated to India to start Zoomcar, a pan-India personal mobility company. Spotting the early trends of wide-scale technology adoption and changing demography, he overcame many obstacles to launch a sustainable mobility solution, which is now backed by Sequoia and Ford. Though business school gave him a network and lessons in negotiations and tactics, his real learnings came from navigating the corridors of the government, fund-raising from investors, convincing partners to back him and a constant cycle of feedback from customers.  

When asked about entrepreneurship as a career, Greg told us that entrepreneurship is not a career, it’s a lifestyle. It’s as if we have an infant, but forever. Your attention constantly has to be on the infant, always. There are a lot of sacrifices you have to make, on the personal side. “You have to have an incredible belief, dedication and motivation to what you’re building and that’s what ultimately drives you through it. You get pleasure, satisfaction and happiness from that.” It’s about going after something you’re passionate about. You have to have that burning obsession that you know what you’re doing is going to make a positive impact across society.

Watch this video to learn more about Greg’s foray into entrepreneurship, the best and worst advice he received along the way, and his advice to those keen to start their own ventures after B-School.  

About the author: Hamant Maini is a Masters in Finance candidate at the London Business School. He has been unlocking opportunities and driving growth in the Fintech and Mobility sectors. Previously, he worked in JUMO.World, a Goldman Sachs backed Fintech, in Government of India and in Goldman Sachs Investment Banking.

About TELL Series: The TELL series at London Business School brings in leading entrepreneurs to share their journey and inspire and connect aspiring entrepreneurs/students to collaborate, exchange ideas and build an energetic, intimate community.