Ask an Entrepreneur Series: How to create a story behind your brand

Most entrepreneurs realise that it’s important to invest in brand – not least because they realise that most of the exit value of the business will come down to brand (rather than the original product innovation). But how do you determine brand character? How do you build a brand with no money and how deeply does brand impact every other marketing decision? As part of the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship’s Ask an Entrepreneur Series, Jeff Skinner speaks with Barnaby Wynter – a Brand Expert and Serial Entrepreneur – about how he builds brands from scratch and where so many entrepreneurs get it wrong. This episode also features two LBS Incubator businesses – Juno Bamboo Water and Days Brewing.

About the authors:
Barnaby Wynter: Marketer, Brand Expert and Serial Entrepreneur, the most recent of which is The Brand Bucket Company. He is also a Founding Freeman of the Guild of Entrepreneurs.

Jeff Skinner: Jeff Skinner is Executive Director of the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at LBS. He teaches on several entrepreneurship courses at the School and leads many of the co-curricular activities supported by the Institute.