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2023 GCEC award -Highly Commended Institute of Entrepreneurship-and-Private Capital at-London Business School

London Business School Receives GCEC Award for Exceptional Contributions in Entrepreneurship Research

London Business School is honored to be recognized for supporting groundbreaking and impactful research in entrepreneurship and private capital with a Highly Commended distinction at the 2023 GCEC Awards. In a testament to its unwavering commitment to advancing knowledge in the fields of entrepreneurship and private capital, London Business School’s Institute of Entrepreneurship and Private […]

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Evidence that investors penalize female founders for lack of industry fit

Behind the Research with LBS Assistant Professor of Organisational Behaviour Dana Kanze. We “sat down” with LBS Assistant Professor of Organisational Behaviour Dana Kanze to talk about the work she and her colleagues—Professors Mark A. Conley of Stockholm School of Economics, House of Innovation; Tyler G. Okimoto of The University of Queensland; Damon J. Phillips […]

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Blowing the whistle on the founding penalty

New research by Olenka Kacperczyk and Peter Younkin shows that ex-entrepreneurs often struggle to find ‘regular’ employment. Jeff Skinner explains how the ‘founding penalty’ works. The implications of bias against entrepreneurs are problematic for businesses and entrepreneurs alike. Businesses are missing out on a talent pool of highly motivated individuals, and aspiring entrepreneurs may find […]

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